Personal Data Protection Policy

Your personal data is important to Equity Mania

Your personal data is important to us and it is our policy to respect the confidentiality of information and the privacy of individuals. This Policy outlines how we manage the personal data we hold in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act in india (the “Act”) and applies to all divisions in our group. We also comply with local data protection and privacy laws in our operations out of Singapore.

What types of personal data do we collect?

We may collect and hold personal data of persons/entities including but not limited to:

  • customers;
  • job applicants and employees;
  • shareholders;
  • service providers; and
  • other people who we may come into contact.
  • Examples of such personal data include biodata, contact details, account information and your preferences, queries, requests and feedback.

    How do we collect your personal data?

    The ways in which we may collect your personal data include (but are not limited to) collecting directly or indirectly from you or your authorized representatives in the course of:

  • you signing up for alerts or newsletters;
  • you visiting our websites, showflats, etc;
  • you purchasing or leasing a property from us;
  • you applying for a job with us;
  • you participating in our marketing or promotional events;
  • you using our products or services;
  • you contacting us with your queries, requests or feedback;
  • our conducting or completing of transactions;
  • our conducting market research or surveys;
  • our conducting interviews.
  • What kind of purposes do we collect your personal data for?

    In general, we may use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • conducting and completing transactions (e.g. processing orders and payments;
  • providing products or services that have been requested);
  • providing customer service (e.g. responding to queries and requests;
  • informing you about service status and product updates;
  • sending you alerts and newsletters);
  • conducting market research and improving customer service (e.g. conducting market research or surveys;
  • performing market analysis;
  • managing and enhancing our products and services;
  • developing new products);
  • conducting marketing promotions (e.g. sending of alerts, newsletters, marketing materials and invitations from us wholly or through affiliation with third parties;
  • offering promotions and loyalty programs);
  • complying with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements (e.g. providing assistance to law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities and other governmental agencies;
  • performing internal audits);
  • maintaining client relations (e.g. sending of alerts, newsletters, publications, marketing materials and invitations from us wholly or through affiliation with third parties);
  • performing evaluations (e.g. assessing suitability of employees)
  • How do we use and/or disclose your personal data?

    We will only use, disclose and/or transfer your personal data for the purposes you have been notified of and consented to or which are permitted under applicable laws and regulations.

    We will not sell, rent or give away personal data to third parties for commercial purposes without your consent.

    Who do we share your personal data with?

    Depending on the product or service concerned, personal data may be disclosed or transferred to:

  • our joint venture/ alliance partners;
  • our service providers and specialist advisers/institutions who have been contracted to provide administrative, financial, legal, accounting, information technology, research or other services;
  • other insurers, credit providers, courts, tribunals, law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities and other governmental agencies as agreed or authorized by law;
  • credit reporting or reference agencies or insurance investigators;
  • anyone authorized by an individual, as specified by that individual or the contract.
  • Refund and Cancellation Policy:

    In Stock market, investment is subjected to market risk. So we focus on capital and risk management. But in case client is not happy with the followups and service, we process refund after deducting Service tax and duration of service availed.

    As it is service based, so there is no point of cancellation. As soon as, clients pay, services get started.