1. Medium Term Investment

If you are looking for increasing your wealth for optimum period of time i.e. neither for short term nor for long term, you can choose medium term investment plans our financial advisory team has made several plans for you. Having a highly qualified, experienced & dedicated team of financial experts, EquityMania has numerous plans for investment for the people among which they choose the specific one as per their custom needs & requirements. Whether you are small individuals, middle-class people or big corporate investors, we have custom plans for all & you can opt for any plan accordingly.

Why you choose Medium Term Investment Plans with EquityMania

Being a growing financial advisory firm of India, EquityMania always looks for a long-term relationships with our clients. We always consider your money (invested capital with us) as ours & invest them in equity or stock market in a very careful & cautious manner. Our financial research & analysts have a consistent look on the market trends from investment perspectives so that we could provide very effective & profitable tips to our clients for increasing their wealth for a medium term. As no one can predict the accurate trends for the market, so there may be chances of losses in a short period of time but we provide free guidance in such scenarios for recovering of losses & the go for booking the profit for our all potential investors.

If you have any query about our medium term investment plans, feel free to contact us. Our experts will get back to you promptly with detailed information.

What we offer:-

  • Medium term investment calls are given for 1 month to 3months time frame based on fundamental and technical analysis.
  • 2-3 recommendation per month.
  • Accuracy of this plan is 90%.
  • Expected return on each call is 25-30%.
  • Recommendation will be given via phone call and email.
  • Quarterly review report of open positions if any.
  • 24*7 support.
    • Duration
    • 3 month
    • 6 months
    • 1 year

    • For More Information Call Us : +91-9606864128
    • Price
    • INR 20,000
    • INR 30,000
    • INR 50,000


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