1. About

EquityMania is a growing financial advisory firm of India & has made a significant growth in a very short period of time. We have a team of highly qualified & experienced financial advisors, who have in-depth understandings & great knowledges about Equity Market, Economics, ongoing Market-Trends and Company Valuations along with many other financial domains. Thus, we are capable to guide the people for investing their hard-earned money in equity & commodity market. Our professional guidance helps to the people to get good ROI (returns-on-investment) for their invested capitals. We don’t provide the effective & accurate tips to the people for investment in Equity & Commodity Market only but we also act as an investment advisor for them as we have several other investment plans for them including short-term investment plans, medium-term investment plans as well as long-term investment plans.

Our Mission

Being a growing investment advisory firm of India, EquityMania always believes in long-term relationships with all of our valuable clients whether they choose for investing their hard-earned capital in equity or commodity market or they opt for choosing any other invest plans for short, medium or long-term perspectives. Our mission to increase their wealth as much as possible by considering their financial needs & requirements.

Our Vision

Along with building a healthy & fruitful relationship with our clients, EquityMania vision is very clear. We always look forward to them with a very prompt & superior services according to their custom needs & requirements. Under any scenarios, whether it’s drastic or normal, we never compromise with it. We always use to introduce some good & fruitful investment plans in which our clients could get a sound return for their invested capital.


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